Looks I Love, (But Can’t Really Pull Off)

Hello Friends!
I’m awkwardly typing this one handed because last night I had to take a quick 45 min trip to the ER. I was working on cutting some fabric, mistook my finger for fabric and oops… Blood. Oww. It was cut pretty deep but since it was at a weird angle they said I should have the liquid stitches instead of normal stitches. Fine by me… Anything to get out of having needles around…
Ever see a fabulous outfit in a magazine or on Pinterest and think “THAT IS A FANTASTIC OUTFIT! I WISH I COULD WEAR THAT!” 
That happens so often to me when I’m on Pinterest or surfing fashion blogs… *sighs*
Plus, living in WI, people just DON’T take fashion or style risks… At least not in my town.
Included with the photos are the thoughts of people who would see me in these pieces…
“She’s the girl who bedazzles her legs…
Someone needs to take that hot glue gun away from her”
These are the most fantastic legging I’ve ever seen. Are they not amazing?


“Tights with shorts? Someone is trying to extend her summer wardrobe.”
This one kills me because I have so many cute pairs of tights that I am dying to wear but would get sooooo many weird looks and comments if I wore them with shorts. Plus girls wear their shorts so incredibly short, if people were to catch on to the trend it would end up being a bit trampy.

“Is she wearing a dog collar all over? Or did she just get carried away at Hot Topic?”
Come on people. Seriously! Studding is SOOOOO COOOOOL! I wish I had some studded things in my closet. I wouldn’t care what people thought. I’d wear them. (*hints about future post* 😉

“Is she an extra in a musical?”
This look is so gorgeous and timeless to me. If I could get away with wearing it everyday I would. The full A-Line skirt mixed with the leopard print jacket. Stunning.

“We’ll she’s feeling patriotic… Umm okay…”

What is it about American flags on clothing that I love? I’m not sure. I think they are really cool though. It has a bit of a hipster/punk/rock vibe to it. I’d probably be accused of being politically incorrect if I wore it though.

“She obviously didn’t have the light on while getting dressed this morning”
I’m obsessed with florals and stripes mixed together. I think it is the sweetest thing ever. Is that not the cutest photo of a model you’ve ever seen?
 And the mint green shoes. 
And the bag. And the hat.
 And the camera.
 And the scenery.

“Her mother let her out of the house looking like that?”
Okay. Obviously this look isn’t’ for everyday. I’m not even a huge fan of high-low dresses… But I think this is super pretty. It would have to be a tad bit longer though.
“There she goes, bedazzling her legs again…”
I wear sequins. I have a wonderful zip up jacket that is totally sequined and I wear it whenever I can. Sadly the only sequined clothing pieces around here that are available for purchase are teeny tanks from a Forever 21-esque store. Sequined High Waist Shorts… (Because obviously in our 4 degree weather that is the first thing people reach for in their closets) Sequined homecoming dresses. (Mine was totally sequined. I loved it.) and I HEART PINK hoodies. There’s nothing wrong with a Pink hoodie. I just can’t stand that all the girls have almost identical ones.
*end of sequin rant* (for now)
“Is the circus in town?” 
Very few people have jumped on the Military Style bandwagon. I have subtle hints in a few jackets, but I can hear my boyfriend now “Where’s the tiger you are training?” 
“She must be a Republican.”
No, a Conservative actually. MERICA!

“Is she a dressy nurse?  Or a casual bride?”
This look is so clean, crisp and classy. Plus, who doesn’t love a full lace skirt? It’s adorable.

“What is she wearing?”
This is probably the cutest dress ever. I’m honestly thinking of ordering it. It could be a great conversation piece. “Why is your dress covered in glasses?” “Why is your dress NOT covered in glasses?”
Simple as that really.
So now you can take a peek into my predicament. Being a fashion forward, teenage girl, in WI, where UGG boots and Yoga Pants are considered school appropriate. I don’t own UGGS, and have one pair of Yoga pants, but they are for Packer games and dance class only. 
But in all honesty, when has a weird look ever stopped me from wearing something? 😉
Until the next fabulous post,


  1. January 29, 2013 / 1:38 am

    The girlfriend appreciates that the boyfriend *likes* the blog 😉 Thanks for checking it out babe.

  2. January 29, 2013 / 2:33 am

    3rd wheel LOVES the blog! Just kidding about the third wheel thing….maybe.
    I'm totally going to do the tights with shorts next time I come to see you!!

  3. January 29, 2013 / 4:56 am

    i say you try one of these ideas everyday, and tell us what reactions you get.

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