My Casual Life As An Andy Warhol Painting

Hello friends 🙂
I am happy.
Want to know why?

First… One of my winter coats. (I have too many coats, I love coats)
Because I hit up Target for some half price Valentine’s candy. Yum.
I love sweets (and salty things, and snacky
things, oh just forget it FOOD) too much.
But enough about food. More about clothes. (Cause I love that too)
I have this top… It’s pretty darn cool… It’s all colorful… And dotted…
And it reminds me of an Andy Warhol painting.
So I trekked outside. Into the bitter 7 degree weather. To take some (hopefully) fantastic photos. Because inside photos of this top simply would not suffice.
*cue awkward gust of wind*
(note the amount of foot prints increasing throughout the photos) 😉

Please excuse the excited/scared look… It was cold okay?

Sorel boots = BEST THINGS EVER
Seriously ya’ll. Those boots are the best things ever. Like the red laces? They came with blue ones, but my Mama surprised me a few weeks ago and came home from Target with some red ones cause I had mentioned waaaaaay back (like 15 months ago waaay back) that I thought it would be cool with red…. I have the BEST Mama ever. (For more reasons than just shoe laces) 
Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve posted… I was going to post this last week but came down with food poisoning. It was so miserable. My Mama was a trooper and sat up with me for 12 hours straight while I was sick. (Yet another reason why she’s the best ever) Then I took some meds to calm my tummy and seriously, blacked out for a day and a half. 36 hours… Whoop… Gone… (I’m sorry if I called you in my sickly haze and babbled on about nothing) Apparently I did that when I came out of appendix surgery a few years ago, but I don’t remember that.
Until the next fabulous outfit
Coat – The North Face – Nordstrom’s
Jacket – CAbi
Colored Top – CAbi
Layered black top – Macy’s
Leggings – CAbi
Boots – Sorel – Nordstrom’s

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