Davy Crockett Once Said…

“You can all go to hell, I will go to Texas.” – Davy Crockett
I’m sorry it’s been so long.
Life catches up to you. 
This time it caught up in a BIG way.
I will clue you in. Something old.
Tehe, you will just have to wait.
But until then… I’m in TEXAS! 
I. Love. This. State.
And you can’t go to Texas without purchasing a pair of cowboy boots can you?
Well according to my boyfriend, you CAN, but that would entail keeping me away from every store in Austin… And seriously, where’s the fun in that?
Stolen from my instagram, follow me!!! maddieweinstein

Aren’t they fabulous? My goodness, I had convinced myself that I wanted plain brown boots, but the pair I tried on were just too… “Blahhh”  Then I sauntered over to the kids section and found these bad boys.
I was scared to look at the price. The Adult Women’s version had been somewhere around $300 or so.
BAM. A lowered kids price. (a LOT lower)
I couldn’t say no. 
I’m so blessed I still fit in kids shoes. (Or is my bank account blessed?)
I’ve been saving for a pair for a few months now. 
AND they’re all leather.
(Piece of advice, always go for the shoes that are leather, much better quality)
I forgot my camera on my bed in my crazy haste to catch our flight, so I’m afraid I don’t have any photos but semi grainy iPhone photos. I might post a few cause my outfits have been oh so cute.
Until the next fabulous outfit, (or cowboy boot post 😉
The world’s most fabulous cowboy boots – Cavender’s  


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