Meet Tom(s)… My Pride & Joy

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I just love shoes.
Any other girls out there that do too?
*blog audience raises hands*
Aha! I knew it!
Well I was in Texas last month I purchased some Tom’s desert wedge boots.
So no, “Tom” isn’t my boyfriend who is my pride and joy…
It’s these boot/wedges/all-around-awesome-shoes… 
Literally Toms!
Shout out to my mama for taking the photos. She’s awesome ya’ll….
Please excuse my face, I was smiling/squinting into the sun

Continuing my bow obsession… It’s just so pretty and feminine.
Annnnnddddddd…….. Drum roll please…..

The Tom’s. 
They’re fantastic aren’t they? 
Even the bf approves of them. They’re his favorite shoes of mine. Yippee.
Ugh look at that nasty snow. But *spoiler* next post will be from Spring Break and there is NO SNOW IN SIGHT! Whoop whoop!
But alas, I’m back home and there’s plenty left still… *Prays for warmth and sunshine* 
Ya’ll would be so proud of me. I finally dissected my first specimen last night.
I literally put it off 18 months.
It was just a worm.
I almost cried.
I almost got sick.
I have an incredible boyfriend who is super patient.
He also can braid hair… Who knew? I didn’t… Until we started talking about it when he had to help pull my hair back so as to not get it in the worm juices. 
Next up… The crayfish. *tears start to form in eyes*
I just have a weak stomach when it comes to that stuff.
Enough about science-y stuff…
Blazer – Nordstrom’s
Sweater – CAbi
Blouse – Nordstrom’s
Jeans – CAbi
Shoes – Tom’s
Bow – Handmade by Yours Truly 😉

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  1. Anonymous
    May 23, 2013 / 8:09 pm

    So I am pretty sure that I just love CAbi. Everything that you wear that I absolutely want is CAbi. Love you and miss my stylish friend!
    Your Wisconsinite Oklahoman Friend

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