Pick My Suit – Patriotic Edition!

Well my friends I have a challenge for you…
I want you to pick out my swim suit for my 4th of July Shindig I’m throwing.
Here are the 3 contenders! (They aren’t in any particular order)
SUIT #1!
Snack Bar Beauty

SUIT #2!
Beach Blanket Bingo
SUIT #3!
Bathing Beauty
All suits are from Modcloth.com. (Links in picture caption)
Leave a lovely comment with number 1, 2, or 3 and then I will order the winner! Thanks for you feedback!
Swimsuits -Modcloth

I am not endorsed by Modcloth and this is not meant as an advertisement for them. Just a bunch of super cute and modest swim suits that I fell in love with and wanted your opinion on!

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