Rock the Dress – Mini Shoot!

A wise woman Edith Head once said…
“A dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to prove you’re a lady.”
Yep, that’s the windowsill! 

I recently put that to the test in a mini modeling shoot with a local photographer!
Katie Lynn Photography!

She was looking
for some gals who were willing to model their prom, senior ball, or other formal dresses so I offered to do a shoot for her. It was SO much fun! We went to the downtown area and found some pretty cool abandoned parking lots, old creepy alleys, and some amazing window sills about 4 feet up that my boyfriend had to quite literally lift me into for a photo opp. 

Aren’t these gates amazing?

At one point a man pulled up at a stoplight and hollered to me “Hey sweet cheeks, turn around pretty thing and let’s see if you’re as pretty as your dress.”

Katie found the neatest places to photograph at!
Needless to say Cristian would have none of that and hollered right back…
“Hey! That’s my girlfriend, back off!”

This is easily one of my favorites!

There was even a man in a cherry picker, working on painting a statue, who asked to take my picture then he proceeded to tell Cristian that since I was already in a big poofy dress to marry me right now to get it over with… Somewhat creepy at the time, but I can look back and laugh at it now.

There was even a train…
I was smiling at Cristian in this photo
Of course you need a jumping photo
One of the dresses I picked to model was my “Glinda Dress”
I made this one… Or “remade” you could say…

This photo is so beautiful
Last summer I was volunteering at a local thrift shop and just before I left they asked me to price a wedding dress that had just come in. Being the girly-girl I am I jumped at the chance. When I pulled it out of the plastic garment bag I held it up and realized it looked close to my size… Hmm… *taps chin in thought*
 So, I decided to try it on.
All the old ladies helping out at the thrift shop put up a huge fuss cooing over how perfectly it fit, and it really did, but how could I justify buying a WEDDING DRESS? Well, I could price it myself.  The manager said that he’d let me price it at $10. What a steal!
My mom thought I was CRAZY when I came home with a huge poofy mess of white tulle that totally took over my entire trunk. “What exactly was I planning on doing with that?”
“I’m going to dye it pink, for my role as Glinda mom…” 
“You’re insane! You can’t dye a white wedding dress, that’s why they say dry clean only.”
*Insert sassy moment here*
“Watch me.”
It took 5 bottles of RIT dye, and 3 of powdered dye to turn it pink but in the end it did dye perfectly. The bad thing was that through the whole dyeing process the majority of the beading on the bodice fell off. Not one to settle for anything but sequins, upon sparkles, upon sequins I decided to re-bead the whole bodice.
I am SO happy I have photos of this dress since I put SO much time and effort into re-making it and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!

There was a little bird I was looking at 🙂
I love my shoes… This photo is so fun!
Here’s a great photo of the back of the dress
I was told this photo was a “death stare”… I didn’t think so 😉
The lighting on this photo is magical!
She even got photos of Cristian and I together!
So sweet!

A huge thank you to Katie Lynn Photography for the LOVELY photos!

All photos were used with her permission, if you would like to see even more from the photo shoot you can check it out here! I’m sorry some of the photos are pix-elated… When saving the photos, some of the pics didn’t save in the best quality. If you check out the full album they’re better 🙂
My other two dresses were my navy Senior Ball dress and a lovely Jessica Simpson maxi dress.
Pink “Glinda Dress” – Thrifted and made by me.
Navy Senior Ball Dress – Dolcetti Boutique
Maxi Dress – Jessica Simpson – Nordstroms


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    i like elastic waist band jeans for one and for two i think you are supper beautiful 🙂

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