Florals Are Always A Good Idea On Monday

This summer my obsession is dresses & skirts. 
I feel so classy. 
While shopping at Macy’s yesterday I came upon this amazing dress in the juniors sections. 
(Which is a miracle since I never go into juniors section… Unless its Nordstrom’s) 
Cruiser’s is the best place in Wisconsin to get a burger 🙂

Plus it
was a total deal. Score!

Isn’t it beautiful?
It’s so proper. I feel like Kate Middleton. 
Actually a lot of my dresses have made me feel like Kate Middleton…
Oh Kate, how everyone adores you. 
The floral is so much fun. 
It’s the perfect mix of both a modern and vintage feel.
(Vintage according to my boyfriend = old stuff… Poor soul, I’ll teach him yet…)
Sweater – Nordstrom’s
Dress – Macy’s
Shoes – DSW
Sunglasses – Gap

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