Let’s Pretend That Summer Never Ends

Guess who got a new camera???
I’m so stinking excited!  Now my pictures are no longer taken on a dinky little point and shoot… Although I shouldn’t dis it too much 🙂 It did last me over three years, and all the way through my hockey boy phase.
Now I’m totally over hockey boys. 
I promise.
I took a long walk with my new camera

(oh and Cristian too) and along the way I found this pretty little brick building with a gutter along the side.

It was calling my name.
I handed the bf my Nikon and said “Hey, you’ve been dubbed the new blog photographer.”
I think he did pretty well! 

At this point he got a bit carried away…

I even played around with the self timer a bit and managed to get a few photos of us together! 
I’m so excited to be moving onto the next chapter in our lives… Whoo hooo! Done with high school! But I’m incredibly sad that in only 13 days he will be away at college and a few weeks after that we will be 4000 miles apart!
We have been able to spend plenty of time together, going to the farmer’s market, watching movies, bonfires, going to Packer games, swimming, long walks and even some geocaching! (And rumor has it there is a Disney movie marathon tonight…) I don’t want this summer to end!
Hope you have a great last few weeks!
Until the next fabulous outfit,
Top – Francesca’s Collections
Shoes – Sperry’s
Shorts – Handmade
Leather Bracelet – Handmade
Purse – Fossil – Macy’s
Sunnies – GAP


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