Here’s A Fountain… Let’s Take Photos

Here’s what I love about my friends…

We can be out and about, eating cupcakes, drinking pink lemonade, just chilling and enjoying life…


I see a fountain.
It went something like this.
Me:  Hey Sami… Here’s my camera… Take photos of me? There’s a fountain RIGHT THERE!!!!
Sami:  Okay sure.
I love my friends.
p.s. you can check out Sami’s hilarious blog HERE!!!!
p.s.s. yes there are excerpts from my 14 y/o selves diary….
p.s.s.s. Is selves even a word? Apparently because it’s not coming up on spell check.
It’s the lamp post from Narnia guys…

Sami:  Are you even sure you want to blog this outfit? 
Me: I don’t care! It’s a Narnia lamp and a fountain!
One day we will dump a few gallons of laundry detergent in that fountain and it will get all bubbly and fantastic… Shh…. 
Side note: This is what I wear when I am not trying to look cute.
Until the next fabulous outfit,
Cami – CAbi
Tank – Francesca’s Collections
Polka Dot Sweater – Francesca’s Collections
Purse – Fossil – Macy’s
Scarf (On purse) – Vintage Thrifted – Somewhere In Time Antique Mall 
Shorts – Delias
Shoes – Sperry – Hand me downs from my sister who wears the same size… Thank you Trish!

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