The Day Is Near!

Did I sound enough like a doomsday person there?
Not really a style post, just some ramblings.
I leave to move to England for a YEAR in just 12 days…
Yes 12 days.
I haven’t even started packing yet other than the fact that there are 6 pair of leather boots I’ve convinced myself I’m taking. 
That’s not including wellies, or flats, or heels, or Toms, (yes they get a category all to themselves) or tennis shoes, or clothing in general.
I chuckled to myself when one of the guys on the school Facebook page said we only needed 3 pair.
Trainers (Sneakers)
Wellies (Rainboots)
Dress Shoes (Self explanatory)
Tehehe. Silly boys. They have no idea how many pairs of shoes a girl needs.
I have a whole Tupperware container underneath my be stocked full of other “Essentials” but really, who needs toothpaste… JUST KIDDING!
I’m just worried the stuff I have already gathered is stuff I can easily purchase over there and that I’ll be over the weight limit.
At least I get to share closets with tons of other girls though! (Major closet points there!)
I went to a Packer game today and that was fun 🙂 I even took my man along with me. I guess season opener tickets are a good way to convince a guy to find a ride home for the weekend!
Yes, a Packer game and I’m wearing Auburn stuff… Don’t judge. Also ignore the random man in the background.
I also made Funfetti dip.
Oh my gosh guys.
It’s delicious.
All you need to make it:
2 boxes of Funfetti Cake Mix
32 oz of Vanilla Greek Yogurt
16 oz of Coolwhip
Mix together, and enjoy.
I like to eat it with Animal Crackers or by the spoonful.
And last but not least, I made some fun note cards since I couldn’t find any that I liked. 
I’m pretty crafty… In the “I like to make things” sense of the word…
That’s pretty much all.
I have some pretty neat posts coming up soon!
Until the next fabulous post,

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