We’ll Never Be Royals.

It don’t run in our blood…
That kind lux just ain’t for us.
I am currently obsessed with that song… OBSESSED. You can often find me driving around town blasting it in my car. (I blast a lot of songs in my car though)

I have been patiently waiting for Cristian to tell me he’s secretly
the prince of some European country and has had to keep it under wraps… And then one day I will be a princess. I don’t think that’s going to happen… 

No crown jewels for now. 
But until then I will settle for this belt and this brooch.
Two more things I’m obsessed with. 
Oh and these shorts…
And these shoes…
Who am I kidding, I love the whole outfit.
But really, the shorts… I’ve worn them almost every single day. I love the J Crew Chino shorts, the neon pink is just fabulous.

Ignore the fact that I’m not wearing the brooch in this photo… Oops.

Okay let’s talk about this brooch.
It’s gorgeous. Really it is.
Reminds me of something straight out of Gatsby. 
(Which I still need to watch)
I was in a lovely little antique/vintage store a few weeks ago. The place was FILLED from top to bottom with amazing things in every nook and cranny. By chance I opened a drawer in an antique furniture piece, low and behold what should I find…?
Two grab bags with TONS of vintage jewelry inside. 
Only $10 a bag too!
I couldn’t see exactly what was in the bags and my mom was telling me to hurry up.
I took a chance and purchased the two bags and lucked out!
There were over 30 vintage and antique brooches in the bags!
(And the pretty earrings I’m wearing also)
I collect brooches and to be able to add over 30 to my collection in one fell swoop is super cool 🙂
I love the art deco look of this one. The chains fall so prettily. (Who knew prettily was a word?)

This is as close as I’ll get to wearing the crown jewels…

Once again. THE BROOCH.

Hope you enjoyed the post!
Photography by Ben Opelt
Thank you for the AMAZING photos! I LOVE them, they are fantastic.
Until the next fabulous outfit,
Top – Francesca’s Collections
Shorts – J Crew
Belt – CAbi
Shoes – Chinese Laundry – Dolcetti Boutique
Brooch – Vintage/Antique
Earrings – Vintage/Antique
Sunnies – Steve Madden – Younker’s
Bracelet – Gift from Cristian – Etsy
Necklace (Somewhat hidden) – Gift from Cristian

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