Off To Live In A Castle

Since I didn’t have a chance to post these before I shipped off to England but I thought I would post them now. I’m so sorry that it has been so long since I’ve posted but the wifi here at school is pretty… Like when I say pretty bad I mean AWFUL. It’s only on at certain times, which means the sparse times that it is on, EVERYONE at school and their uncle is online trying to update their Facebook status while I’m over here like “OH MY GOSH BLOGLOVIN AND PINTEREST ARE BLOCKED AND I’M GOING TO DIE!” 


In more exciting news I’ve made friends
with one of the girls here who is a photographer and she’s REALLY talented and we’ve made a deal that she will take blog photos for me. Yay. In exchange I have to invite her to my wedding one day…. Don’t worry that’s not anytime soon.
Here are the lovely photos my friend Ben took before I left for England! We took an afternoon and just drove around town for a while after we went thrift shopping. I scored a pretty cool cape except it smelled really bad of smoke and I’ve washed it 4 times without any luck. I have it hanging in my garage until Christmas when I get back to the states and hopefully that will work some magic.
After we found this really pretty area and took photos.

Well those are the photos and I hope you enjoy them!

Until the next fabulous outfit!



Top – CAbi
Skirt – Vintage
Shoes – Hand me downs from my lovely sister
Sunnies – GAP

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