The Start of Something New

By the “Start of Something New I did not mean to reference High School Musical… Maybe I did, but whatever. You can get over it.
Well folks! I’m back from England for a few weeks!
It has been lovely being home over Christmas even if literally 12 hours after I stepped off the plane in the FREEZING Frozen Tundra my mom made me get my wisdom teeth pulled.
 But hey! 
All the more malts, ice cream & sherbet right?
So remember wayyyy back when I told you I had an idea for a new blog series? (See the p.s. of the post) Well… It’s finally arrived!
See that tab bar with the “Who am I?” and “Contact” and all that other stuff? Well do you notice a new one? 
For an explanation of my new series, check out the new tab!
I will have the new dress post up today or tomorrow!
p.s. I really like Doctor Who. That is all.

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