Patience is a Virtue

When I have something in mind that I’m hunting for while shopping, it can take a really long time before I find “the one.”
Let’s take a look back more than 2 years ago.
*enter stage left Style book by Lauren Conrad*
In her book there’s a picture of her in an over sized cream colored sweater, with blue skinny jeans and some cognac riding boots.

In the back of her book was a list of outfits, page by page, telling where she got each piece.


Well, simple right? All I needed to do was go to the back of the book, look up the page number and find who made the sweater right?


I swear it was the ONE outfit in the whole book that wasn’t mentioned. (There were probably bunch more but it seemed like it was the only one)

So I became obsessed with cream sweaters.

Then I couldn’t be satisfied by simply a cream sweater. It had to be a wool fisherman knit sweater.

Well of course the one piece I want I cannot find anywhere. As I got ready to leave for England I almost became desperate. Any time I would walk into a store I would ask one of the sales associates if there were any cream fisherman knit sweaters. They would either say “I’m sorry no.” “Ummm, I’m not exactly sure.” (Usually key for: I don’t know what that is… Also it was usually a teenager who was upset I took them away from texting behind the counter with silly questions about sweaters) or the sales associate would gladly say “Yes! We do have that!” Then she’d walk me over to a light brown zip up sweater. Umm… Ma’am? No.

Sadly I packed up for England with no cream fisherman knit sweater in my suitcase. (Which was probably good… Since my suitcase weighed 49.8 pounds)

Then I went to Chester, England.

I stopped in a charity shop and asked the lady there what were some vintage shops around or some other thrift stores. She pointed me towards the main street in Chester where I stumbled upon one of the most amazing stores I’ve ever been in.

I felt like Lucy stepping into Narnia. Absolutely amazed. Everything in the store was beautiful.

I didn’t even know where to start until I noticed an abundance of chunky sweaters in the corner… Especially cream ones.

Then I found it.

It was the first sweater I picked up and it was perfect! Only downfall was that it smelled a bit of smoke… (cough… reeked of it actually)

I purchased it and hung it outside a castle window for a month to air it out. (No really, I hung it from a castle window… Don’t forget, I literally live in a castle in England)

I knew I HAD to feature it in a blog post asap. So I asked the ever so talented Natalie from Natalie JanePhotography to take the photos. We had an awesome shoot out in the middle of the road (every 30 seconds we had to quick run to the side… They drive CRAZY over here)

Natalie is such a talented photographer. The photos turned out gorgeous, and she makes you feel so comfortable to be with. If you’re anywhere on the west coast of the US I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a photographer. Take a peek at her other work here, you won’t be disappointed.

I paired the sweater with my favorite jeans (I love them so much I own two pair) and some cute brown leather riding boots I found on sale at a department store. (You can’t pass up brown leather boots for only $40!!!)

What’s the longest time you’ve waited to find “the one” while you were looking for the perfect piece?



Sweater – Lily Vintage
Jeans – CAbi
Boots – Younkers



  1. January 31, 2014 / 2:51 pm

    You are seriously like inside my head right now. I was on the search for the perfect oversized cream… and potentially fisherman's sweater for what seemed like FOREVER… and then I found it, or so I thought… it got too pilly… and then I gloriously thrifted the perfect fisherman of the authentic Irish variety. And hello? What are you doing living in London? I lived there for about half a year and DYYYING to go back. Have SOOO Much fun!

  2. January 31, 2014 / 2:51 pm

    Love the narnia reference.

    NEED to go into this place when I finally get over to England for a substantial amount of time. Sounds amazing.

    This knit is PERFECTION on you. I can almost feel your happiness.
    Longest I ever took was to find the PERFECT leather jacket. Found it, in Rome, after many many years.

    Somehow I'm still nervous a car is going to run you over here! Great shots, though. Amazing post.


  3. May 1, 2014 / 4:19 pm

    Sorry it took so long to reply! Haha, yes I did encounter a few cars in the road. There's going to be another shoot up soon where I was in the road and there were so many cars! I ended up just taking pictures by the side of the road.

  4. May 1, 2014 / 4:21 pm

    Once again I'm sorry it took so long to reply! I purchased one off of Poshmark but wasn't super happy with it so ended up giving it to a friend who loved it. I'm in England studying for a year! It's pretty darn amazing and I'm soooo sad that I"m leaving next month.

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