A Brief Encounter

Carnforth station is amazing. I can’t put my finger on the right word to describe it. A long time ago they filmed a movie here called “A Brief Encounter” (thus the blog title) I haven’t had a chance to watch the movie or even IMDB it yet… Once I have, I’ll let you know if it’s good.

I feel like it would be the perfect station to meet a handsome stranger at midnight, then
be parted forever as your two trains whisk you off in different directions.

*Plot Twist* He falls madly in love with you and waits for you at the station every night for years until you meet again. (watch this probably is the plot of the movie… If it is I swear I haven’t looked it up yet… If it isn’t… Copyright: Madeline Weinstein)

I like to pretend my life is a movie sometimes. It would be a really weird movie.

I headed to the station with my old roommate Meredith to take photos together. *cue awkward stares from random English people who are boarding trains*
(So I stare right back)

I love love love taking photos with Mere. Since I lived with her for three months we’re super comfortable with each other and are okay with bossing each other telling each other how to pose.

She just started a blog… Check it out. Affogato & Hand-Me-Downs.

I originally was going to wear this skirt with a chiffon blouse in a funky print but I thought I’d save that for later. (aka… It was cold out) Instead I decided to wear a sweater like a shirt.

Even though the sweater isn’t wool, (it’s 100% cotton) it’s super warm which makes it perfect for a chilly English day. It was a surprise present from my Mama before I left for school.

Also… I believe this is the first post that I’m not wearing anything CAbi… *snaps for Maddie* Not that wearing CAbi is a bad thing. It’s the best clothing I own. (and the only jeans that fit me)

The skirt is a leather trimmed skirt that I found while shopping at Macy’s a long time ago with my mom. It’s a great skirt because it goes with pretty much anything. It makes me feel a little bit like a cheerleader since it’s pleated. I should try mixing it with my almostletter jacket and see if I really do look like one.

The boots? The usual. My Steve Maddens never fail. I love wearing them with boot socks still. (note to self: GO TO PRIMARK AND BUY MORE SOCKS)

Put all the pieces together? Viola! Super cute. (at least in my opinion)

You don’t think so? Tough luck. I do.

Shout out to Meredith for taking tons of super cute photos for me, and even laying on the ground to get artsy photos of my boots.

Like I said before, check out her blog. Here’s a sneak peek.
As Damian from Mean Girls would say… “She’s a regulation hottie.”

Okay, time to get back to the train platform to wait for the handsome stranger.



Sweater – Zara
Skirt – Macy’s
Tights – Kids section at H&M (snaps for being short)
Boots – Steve Madden – Macy’s
Ring – Present from Cristian – Etsy
Necklace – Etsy


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