Collegiate Hipster

I love that my style with be all preppy one day, then the next I’m all about flannel with skinny jeans.

Maybe I’m “Style Bi-Polar” Is that even a thing?

So there’s this jacket, it was a last minute impulse purchase 3 minutes before
the mall closed and two days before I left for school again during break.

It reminds me of one of those letter jackets…Minus the tacky letter, and the leather, and the usually obnoxiously preppy school colors but plus jean and sweatshirt material. #yesplease… (Although I totally went through a phase where I wanted one desperately) (also, joke’s on me cause they’re really coming back in style)

No joke when I said it was an impulse purchase though. (I probably should stop doing that? Nah) I was SUPPOSED to be in the mall to look into getting my cracked phone screen fixed. Did I end up getting it fixed? Yes, but not that night… Instead I wandered into Francesca’s with Sami. Immediately I saw this jacket and was like “ummmm yes.” Plus, it was on sale. For just $30 dollars.

And they had a sale on the sale items. Another 30% off. Yep. Only $20 for this bad boy. I’m proud of it.

Moving on. The shirt. My other purchase from the thrift store when I purchased the grandpa sweater… Did I mention I’m obsessed with flannel lately?

Often I’ll shop in the men’s section of thrift store before I even hit up the ladies…

It pays off.

I went all “fashion-y” on my friend Breanna when I explained the shirt to her.

“I really like the juxtaposition of the mint and white, which are usually a women’s spring and summer color scheme, done in a men’s winer flannel shirt.”

She rolled her eyes.

My friend Meredith already asked if she could borrow it. So did my other friend Braxton. (A guy) See? Boys like to borrow from the girls who are borrowing already from the boys who are planning on lending it to girls. Genius. This piece is magical.

Then there’s the jeans.

Jeggings actually if we’re being all politically correct in the fashion world. (They’re easily offended, don’t call them leggings or jeans…)

They have zippers on the bottom which you can’t see because they’re tucked into my boots. (But even if they weren’t, since I’m so short I have to roll them so it’s kinda awkward.)

A chicken photo-bombed the shoot
They have the cool and dare I say it “trendy” moto stitching on the knees… I like to pretend I look pretty BA, but let’s be honest.. Everyone knows I like silk chiffon skirts.

They also have an elastic waistband which I’d show you except it looks a bit like maternity pants.

But hey, maternity pants are super comfy. (Although I promise I would have NO idea what they really feel like)

I’d go into detail on the boots…But you can just look in my archives and realize I was obsessed with them last fall/winter and still am. Those socks though. Love ’em. I need some more boot socks. I need to hit up Next and Primark soon.

I imagine that if a hipster tried to look collegiate and preppy this is what would come of it.



Jacket – Francesca’s Collections
Shirt – Thrifted
Jeggings – CAbi
Socks – Next
Boots – Steve Madden – Macy’s


  1. Meredith Miller
    April 8, 2014 / 4:25 pm

    Oh Maddie…you crack me up :). I miss you!

  2. May 1, 2014 / 4:17 pm

    Tehehe, I miss you too Meredith! I'll be going to school SUPER close to the Twin Cities this Fall and hope to visit A TON!

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