Grandpa Sweaters

I wandered into the Salvation Army Charity Shop the other day while I was walking around the local town of Carnforth with a friend. I wasn’t sure if the thrift shops would be all that exciting since it’s such a small town, but what is really neat is that the inventory turns over almost every week so there’s always something new.

I found this super comfy, oversized sweater on sale
for 50% off… I knew I probably should snatch it up.

That night I excitedly showed my purchase to my roommates and then the outfit bug hit me. I threw the outfit together and pranced around at 11:30 pm. (My roomies probably thought I had snapped)

As I was taking it off one of my roommates mentioned I had a hole in the back of my tights. So sad.

French Connection. I’m disappointed in you. This was my second time wearing them ever and they already have a huge run in the back? Plus they weren’t cheap. So upset.
Anyway, back to the sweater. I tossed it on over my skirt and chambray shirt. Boom. Instantly cute outfit. This was evidence by the fact that even one of the RA’s complimented me!

There was a gap between the wall and the bricks… I kinda fell… Hehehe
The sweater is one of the warmest and comfiest pieces ever.

I really love this skirt.
Oh and of course it’s the one day we eat lunch and it has a red sauce…

But hey, I DID remember to pack a Tide to Go pen so it shouldn’t be too difficult to take care of the small stain on my sleeve.

Little known fact, they don’t have Tide to Go pens in England.



Glasses (Prescription) – Shopko (Cause I’m classy like that)
Sweater – Thrifted
Chambray Shirt – CAbi
Skirt – CAbi
Tights – French Connection (probably won’t buy tights from them again)

Boots – Younker’s  

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