Teal or no Teal?

I received one of the nicest compliments while wearing this outfit… It was something along these lines…

“Wow, Maddie… Your outfit really matches today. The inside of your glasses match your pants and the outside match your shirt. You look really put together, and really nice.”

Considering it came from one of the guys
here at school who never has bothered to talk to me or even acknowledge my presence really (other than him randomly taking pictures of me for snapchats…) it really caught me off guard. It was a super nice compliment though!

I swear though that 90% of my clothing is from CAbi. (Unashamed of this…) So since this brand has taken over my closet it only makes sense that I’m wearing 100% CAbi (minus the shoes) in this post right?

After an afternoon in town, grocery shopping for breakfast foods (I hate getting up for breakfast this term) thrift shopping, hot chocolate sipping in a cafe, and doctor appointments (for a friend, not me…Don’t worry I’m not sick, well not anymore… It’s a long story) I asked my friend Clare to snap a few pics of me before we left town.

By the way. These boots? Obsessed.

They were kind of a last minute purchase this fall while I was in Minneapolis. They were on sale at Nordstrom’s and I thought they were amazing and convinced my mom to let me buy them. Plus they’re super comfy. You can’t go wrong with that can you? They also have sparked some fun conversations… “I like your pink boots…” “Thanks, but they’re more Oxblood or Merlot…” “Oh, okay.” Yesterday I had a 5 minute conversation sorta like that.

And the Beats? Christmas gift. Also obsessed.

I know a lot of people say they’re overpriced brand name headphones that are really crappy… But as someone who has never used anything other than the earbuds that come free with your iPod. (or does the iPod come free with the headphones???) I love them. Plus they’re PINK. (more so of a raspberry but technically they’re pink)

Also, it’s really fun to have people gawk at you as you strut around with someone taking photos of you. *sarcasm implied* I feel like that girl in Mean Girls “One time she punched me in the face, it was awesome.”



Jacket – CAbi
Shirt – CAbi
Beats – Beat by Dre
Pants – CAbi

Booties – Nordstroms

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