Around the World in 80 Dresses – MILANO!

Well I just returned from a wonderful 12 day visit to Italy for a school outreach trip! We were doing lots of things in and out of the church, planning bible studies, Sunday schools, and lots of literature distribution around various towns near Milan.

We were given an afternoon and evening off after a morning filled with handing out fliers, so our host families son took us into downtown Milano! I was able to see the Duomo which was gorgeous, and even had a creepy man grab my hand and put bird seed in it…. Then was basically attacked by
dozens of pigeons. Eww. He then kept saying “MONEY? MONEY?”

Umm no sir, you grabbed my hand… I pretended I didn’t speak Italian… Which I don’t so I didn’t have to pretend. Even though he was saying “Money” in English… Hehe. Ugh I probably have to burn the jacket now.
Me… Trying to swish my dress.
I had researched a few thrift and vintage shops in Milan and we ventured around until we found one. Napoleone! I was on the lookout for my “Milan” dress. I tried on at least six dresses and was having no luck… The other people who were with me were getting anxious an wanted to go…

Then I found it!

This little polka dotted number.
It reminds me of I Love Lucy.

It’s sheer on top so that means I need to wear a cami with it, or a black crop top underneath. But it’s SO cute!

I decided that tossing on my new (but fake) red converse and some red lipstick would finish it off perfectly. Side note… It’s my first pair of converse that I’ve ever owned and I’m obsessed. I mainly purchased them so that I could use them and trash them on Spring Break then throw them away after. Yay for inexpensive shoes from Primark! I even found Keds look-alikes!

I have quite a few more outfit posts that were shot while in Italy and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Spring break is amazing! Oh my goodness I’m SO excited! Back to Italy in a few days! Paris was lovely but Barcelona was by far my favorite! Anything I need to see in Tuscany or Pisa? Rome? Catania? Also… I’ve dubbed Spring Break #spreak14 so if you search that hashtag on Instagram you can follow my adventures!




p.s. I’m hoping to work on a new project soon for the blog. If it actually comes together I will let you all be the first to know!

Dress – Napoleone Vintage Store
Cami – CAbi
Shoes – Primark


  1. March 30, 2014 / 4:30 pm

    Madeline! This is such a funny post 🙂 I'm sorry for the inconvenient, we are used to it so they try to get money from tourists:P
    I'll wait for updates about Italt again! and Barcelona is amazing, I agree.
    here's my must in Rome :
    Terrazza del Pincio, with view on Piazza del Popolo
    Trevi'S fountain
    Piazza di Spagna
    the Vittoriano (monument to unknown soldiers)
    see you!
    Francesca, from Milan 🙂

  2. March 30, 2014 / 4:31 pm

    hi madeline!
    I'm sorry to hear about your incident in Duomo. they try this trick eith tourists because we are used to it and we avoid this 🙂
    this post is really funny and spontaneous. I like it! I'll wait for more when you'll come back in Italy. and yes, Barcelona is awesome! 🙂
    I can give you my "must see" in Rome:
    -piazza del Popolo, and view from Terrazza del Pincio
    -the colosseum
    -piazza di Spagna
    -Trevi's fountain
    -the vittoriano, a big monument to the unknown soldiers

    hope to hear updates soon!

  3. May 1, 2014 / 4:15 pm

    Thank you Francesca! I was able to see many of these things and I'll put the photos on Facebook soon 🙂 Miss you tons, sorry it didn't work out to see you while in Italy! Any chance you'll be in the UK between now and June?

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