Trouble Is My Middle Name

The title of this post literally has nothing to do with the outfit. I just realized I love the song Trouble by Neon Jungle… I was blasting the song while my friend Meredith was taking photos of my outfit… Speaking of her, she finally started her blog so you should check it out here!

Anyway, the weather was gorgeous out… Somewhere in the upper 40’s, low 50’s and this girl is
tired of winter. I WANT COLOR! So I decided to toss a summer skirt that was colorful.

This skirt is the same style of the one I wore in this post but it’s in a different pattern and fabric.

Since I was wearing my black dance tights with it, I thought tossing a black jacket over the top would keep it more “winter-y.” Also, a fact that I haven’t shared with you yet… I danced for 16 years. Tap and Jazz. I used to have pretty killer calves because of all the “Triplets” and “Time Steps.” Well, they are still kinda killer… My friend Breanna and I always have dance parties in my room before we go to bed.

Those boots… Do I even need to comment on these again? Yes. They’re the best.

You guys I climbed through a wall and across a field to take these photos for you.

This tree is the coolest though. I’ve been looking at it for the past few months thinking to myself “I want to take pictures by that.” I will for sure be going back to take photos by it again before I leave school in June.

So what are some things that you are excited for when the warmer weather comes?

Will you be wearing skirts or shorts this summer?


Jacket – CAbi
Shirt – Nordstroms
Skirt – CAbi
Tights – Old Dance Tights
Boots – Steve Madden – Macy’s

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  1. Anonymous
    March 14, 2014 / 4:05 pm

    Total babe! Australia

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