Around the World in 80(ish) Dresses – Barcelona!

Spring Break is in full swing right now! Currently I am staying in a house just outside Pisa/Lucca area in Italy with 10 friends from school. First of all, I want to show off my sassy new bangs! Whoot whoot! If you’re my friend on Facebook you’ve probably already seen them but for those of you who aren’t… YAY! My friend back at school cut them the day of Spring School graduation. It was kinda windy the day I took these pictures so they aren’t super sassy….
Raven and other Cheetah Girls WERE RIGHT HERE!!!!!
My lovely friend Joy left on Sunday while we were still in Barcelona. It was wonderful to have her along for
part of the trip and I wish she could have traveled longer with us. But alas, duty (or high school rather) calls…
Can you see the two layered pockets on the dress? Oh so cool.
Barcelona has been my favorite city so far on my trip. Don’t get me wrong… I have loved all of the places I’ve been but Barcelona is amazing.
Remember that post I wrote last year mentioning the cheetah girls? Well while in Barcelona we may have put Strut on full blast from our ipods and danced down the main street with everyone watching us…
Sassy bangs call for sassy glasses.
I was able to meet up with a few other friends from school one morning for breakfast. Afterwards we needed to locate the nearest metro, the boys wouldn’t listen to me even though I knew where it was and they ended up getting us totally lost in a beautiful neighborhood right near my apartment.
I love the mixed media of the printed denim, normal denim plus the cute calico print.
I stumbled upon an amazing little boutique called Interfashion Store. They had some of the cutest pieces of clothing ever!! I decided I should get my “Barcelona dress” from there. Through broken spanish (two years of Rosetta Stone taught me nothing…) I managed to explain the the super sweet sales gal that I wrote a blog an would mention the store. She said she would mention me on their store blog so if you’re visiting from that site an extra special hello just for you! Here’s a link to their Facebook page!

I knew I wanted to take pictures of the dress while still in Barcelona if possible and what better place to do it than Parc Güell? I was so excited to visit the park, as it was on my list of things to check out while in Spain. The park was beautiful and if you ever have a chance to visit make sure you do!
I love the simple tie on the back of the dress. It nips in at the waist and is very flattering. I also love that the whole back is the floral print. Oh and those shoes…? = The comfiest things EVER. Get them. I walked around London, Paris, Barcelona and Pisa in them.
The dress is so unique and it reminds me so much of how unique the city of Barcelona is. It’s denim mixed with a ditzy floral print.  So fun.
I can’t wait to wear it when I get back home because it’s so unique I know that there will be people asking “Where did you get your dress?” and I can say ever so nonchalantly “Oh… You know… Barcelona…”
The mosaics were gorgeous!
I was thinking I could post a few photos from my trip on the blog but that means non fashion posts. Would you be interested? If not let me know. Well, let me know either way. 
A Christmas gift from my sister Jenn. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry ever!
Spring Break is great and I’m really eager to meet the new students at Spring School in just a few weeks but I can easily say that I’m SO excited to go home in just a few months!
Miss you all,
Missing America (a little bit)
Jacket – Anthropologie (similar here)
Dress – Interfashion Store 
Shoes – Tom’s (comfiest shoes EVER)
Sunglasses – Bowler Vintage 
Necklace – Gift from my sister – Stella and Dot

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