A Very Very Unbirthday To Me

So my friends, tomorrow is my birthday so I thought I would share with you some things that are on my wishlist.
Also, today is my last day as a teenager… I feel the need to do something rebellious…
Without further ado though… My wishlist.
This sloth sweatshirt is basically perfection. You can buy it (for me?) here!

Easily one of my favorite movies… This bracelet is also a favorite. You can find it from Stella and Bow.
Sharks are obviously my favorite animal (complete and utter sarcasm, they are my greatest fear) So I thought that this shirt would be great at a PSA while I’m at the beach.  Find it here.
More sloths, because who (other than my boyfriend who refuses to buy me a pet sloth) can resist their adorable faces? Also from beloved shirts.
I’ve had my eye on this bracelet for ages… It’s so gorgeous.  J.Crew, you get me.
I’ve also had my eye on this watch from Urban Outfitters for ages! I’m a sucker for watches and I think this one is oh so cool.
Just in case you weren’t following the trend of sloths and Mean Girls here’s another shirt that I want.  This one. You can find it on the wonderful site of etsy.
This mug…But in coral.  Also from Etsy.
This mug too… Once again, from Etsy.
These boots have been on radar for almost a year now… Plus they’re on sale over at Nordstrom’s! HEY MOM! TAKE A LOOK!
Tossing it back vintage style to the good old days with this tank… It’s such a beautiful thing.
I can imagine that the Germans that I go to school with would NOT appreciate this tank but it’s my inner American showing… Sorry guys. (Ooops, that was Canadian, sorry)

These pencils from Kate Spade are so flippen cute.  They’d obviously make taking notes in lectures so much easier!


How cute would these look on my bulletin board? Kate Spade does it again. 


Hello Sweetie! I mentioned a few posts back that I am a new Doctor Who fan… But I’ve already made it through all the seasons.  I totally need this journal. It’s from Etsy!
These earrings are so cute and since I only wear studs they’re pretty much perfect. Kate Spade again 😉

That’s pretty much it.







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