I Call It My Birthday Suit… Around the World in 80ish Dresses – PARIS!

Well…. It’s the dawn of a new age my friends… In fact… A new decade.

Today I turned 20 years old.

Wait what? I can barely tie my shoes. 
(Just kidding, I grew up in a shoe store… Literally)

I cannot believe that my teenage years are over! 

I thought that since it was my birthday it required a special outfit, so I’m wearing my dress that I purchased in Paris! 

The apple orchard by the school is in bloom so I thought I would go take photos there!

So… “What does it feel like to be 20?” you ask.

No worries, that’s Sharpie
Completely and utterly different. (Just kidding… It doesn’t feel different at all… Although I did wake up with a sore back this morning)


I lied.  It’s not a dress…


It’s a romper.

Can you tell my 20-year-old-ness has really taken affect? 

My lady-likeness too πŸ˜‰

You know what’s super amazing about this romper?
It. Has. Pockets.

Can I get a whoop whoop?

Whoop whoop.

I found this amazing romper at a Paris vintage shop.  It wasn’t Free P Star… I think it was called Hippie Market.

Also, the lovely Alex styled my hair again… AND I LOVE IT. 
I call it my β€œHeidi Klum” hair do. I wore it just the day before and so many people complimented me on it at school that I decided that I should have Alex recreate it just for the photos. 

I have been really into mixing prints lately… Especially floral with polka dots.

I fell in love when I threw my polka dot cardigan on top of it.

I tried to convince the sheep that I should be their friend… They weren’t exactly convinced. Oh well.

It was so lovely getting to spend some time away from the castle and romp (in my romper) around the gardens and fields. There’s an intense game of Assassins going on around campus and I’m always crazy paranoid. It was so refreshing not looking over my shoulder every minute. Luckily I have some awesome friends here who have sworn to protect me and usually will stick around me 24/7. I also figured out who my β€œkiller” is… I have my eye on you Cowboy hat man… (I don’t actually remember his name… Oops. Sorry if you’re reading this)

In any other circumstance I would take death threats more seriously… But I think I’ll be good.

I didn’t do anything too crazy exciting (other than plan a mock wedding… Which turned into an elaborate assassination… Sorry Meredith. Love you.) And be kidnapped by my roomies to be dragged to a mini surprise birthday party with a giant Kit Kat bar.

I think this Friday my roomies and I are going to walk to a cafe for the afternoon to actually celebrate my birthday but just a few days late.

My day has been wonderful so far, filled with lots of birthday wishes, hugs and sweet gifts. I was even given Breanna’s very own copy of Alive in Christ! (Only Capernwray people will understand)

Thank you to all my friends who sent me sweet birthday wishes today!

Here’s to many more birthdays!


Cardigan – Francesca’s Collections
Romper – Hippie Market (Paris)
Watch – Borrowed from my mom – Fossil
Necklace – A gift from my sister – Stella & Dot

Hair by Alex Daly
Leave a comment on the blog or Facebook page if you want her contact details to book her for weddings, or other events! She’s super fun and sassy… You’ll love her.


  1. May 11, 2014 / 8:23 pm

    That picture of you (seemingly) attacking the typewriter could go viral.

    Put some text over it and make it into a meme. So good.

    Happy bday, girl. 20 was when my quarter-life crisis started. Been holding strong ever since.

    good luck with that one.

    πŸ˜‰ hope it was amazing. sounds like you've got some killer friends. especially if they'll take time to take pictures of you romping in a field.


    PS: " so lovely to get away from the castle " ????! Your life is unreal.
    PSS: hair. so. good.

  2. May 13, 2014 / 2:57 pm

    Thank you Gabi!
    I may just have to do that and make a meme. Great idea. I already went through my mid teen crisis and only listen to AC/DC for 3 months straight. I'll be excited to see what the 20's bring.
    Yeah, my friends are pretty legit here πŸ˜‰

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