Katniss Goes to Scotland – The One Euro Wonder

You’ll probably want to settle in, this is going to be a long post. You can quick go grab a snack if you want.

First let me explain the name of the post….
I posted some outtake photos from this photo shoot on the Sequin & Chic Facebook page and my friend Ben commented on one of the photos “You’re like a Scottish Katniss!” If you want to see what photo inspired that comment take a peek at the Facebook page here!

Now, let’s get into the rest of the post.

Back in October I went to Scotland. Right before I went the financial adviser gave a lecture on not buying a kilt in Scotland to the whole school… There were obvious reasons since they ranged from 200 – 400 pounds. Oh well, there goes my kilt buying plan.

Fast forward to March (insert day of March here), Paris, France. I ventured into a vintage/thrift store I had found online from Pinterest/Random Blog… Free P Star.

*insert angel chorus here*

It was kinda the holy grail of thrift shopping. The store had this weird hippie/basement/someoneisprobablydoingdrugsoutback sort of feel…. The racks were packed with some of the most ridiculous things and I wanted them all.

That fur coat with the eyes and teeth of a mystery animal still intact on the collar? Gotta have it.
The leather high waist shorts in Halloween colors? Umm obviously I need those in my closet.
The stretchy sequined tube top? Perfect for church.

The store also a huge bin overflowing with clothing right when you walk in marked 1 EURO. Now we’re talking. I tackled the mountain to no avail… Bummer. I really thought I might score something cool.

Then suddenly out of the corner of my eye I notice a flight of stairs that lead to a room flooded with light that suspiciously reminded me of a tanning bed… (No worries Cristian, I promise I don’t tan anymore) I ventured up the scarily steep metal staircase. The whole room was filled with 1 EURObins. (Granted it was a small room but still) In front of each bin was a woman rather frantically sifting through the clothing. A sense of urgency filled the UV lit room.

I jumped right in. I found a few blouses, like the one from this post here. I was about to call it quits since I was getting a bit on edge with French women shooting me death glares and obviously talking about me over my head… Who knew that whispered French could be so unnerving? A lady moved to a different bin, I thought I would give it one last shot before I headed out so I dove into the pile she had passed up.

Almost immediately I noticed this gorgeous tartan plaid. “It’s too good to be true!” I thought to myself. I held tight to the plaid as I shifted the heap of clothing off of it. As I pulled it from underneath the pile it was as if a hush fell over the store… Or maybe it was just the French women who stopped talking out of jealousy.
I threw it over my jeans to see if it was anywhere close to my size. It was a perfect fit. It was a match made in Scotland. I carried my find to the cashier with pride… Still in shock that I had found such a deal… Even more shocked when he didn’t demand hundreds of Euros for it. Only one.

My One Euro wonder.

Also, yes it’s real. The tag confirms it. “100% Wool – Made In Scotland”
And that’s the story of how I found an authentic kilt for 1 Euro while in Paris.

A HUGE thank you to Alex Daly for doing my hair and makeup for this post! I wanted to go with a vintage 1950’s feel and she NAILED it! If you need someone to do your hair or makeup for a wedding or other events and you live in North Carolina (after school ends in June) you need to give her a call. Leave a comment with your email if you’d like her contact info for future jobs. She’s awesome.

P.S. Those boots are a whole ‘nother story 😉



Shirt – Banana Republic
Kilt – Free P Star
Boots – Random Thrift Shop in Catania, Sicily
Hair/Makeup – Alex Daly


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