Thoughts On A Sunday

Today is Sunday, sadly I wasn’t able to make it to church today because I’m yet again traveling. I spent the weekend

in Dover taking Tambour beading classes.
Wait what?
I’ve literally wanted to take a tambour beading class the past 4 years of my life.  
And now I’ve done it.
I don’t want to be that person who is all like #blessed #whatislife etc… But I realized that I am indeed incredibly blessed.
All before I even turn 21 I have been able to travel all around Europe with my best friends and now I have taken a couture beading class.  
Soooo…. #blessed
And now I’m sitting in a Starbucks trying to kill an hour before I catch my train.  Did I mention I’m across the street the British Library? 
Is this what my life has become? Casual Sundays in London?
I’m okay with that.
Random thoughts.

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