Chasing Your Dreams… Even If It’s Building A Snowman

Okay friends, here’s a little side blog post that has NOTHING to do with fashion.  
It actually has to do with Frozen. 
And Disney.

Let’s just get this out in the open. I stinking LOVE Disney.  And Frozen? Don’t even get me started.  I can TOTALLY hit that Elsa high note in Let It Go (that was a total lie)
So while I was at school at Capernwray one of my friends sisters came to visit. (If your’re reading this HI MANDY AND EMMY!!!!) She was telling me that she dressed up and went to parties as different Disney princesses! Seriously, how cool is that? 
I’m all like “Yo! I can do that! But instead of parties I want to visit hospitals!”
So I’m asking you to hold me to this my blog friends.  I’m in the middle of making my Anna costume (check Instagram for updates) but I am famous for not finishing things…. (Unless it’s a 1 pound jaw breaker, that I can finish. Shout out to Family Group!)
I don’t know how soon the costume will be finished but I realized that if I want this “dream” to come true I simply have to go out and make it happen! I can’t just sit and twiddle my thumbs hoping that the costume will make itself! No! I have to sew it! 
The top portion of the cape is finished so the next step is the bottom, the trim (which I made myself!) then the collar.  That’s just for the cape.  Then I have to figure out how to make the actual dress portion! A lot of work will be going into this costume but I am SUPER excited about it.  I already talked to one of our friends who works at one of the local hospitals to see if they’d be interested in a visit from Princess Anna and she said they would LOVE a visit! 
Okay so that’s what has been on my mind today.  A blog post having to do with fashion should be up soon. Thanks for sticking it out through my ramblings of being a wannabe Disney princess.  
Princess Anna…

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