Hey friends,
Well school is in full swing.  Lots of homework, sewing, pattern-making, math (eww math) and roomie bonding time.
I’m sorry I don’t have much time to post lately.  I need to find someone who would be willing to take photos for my blog on campus… Shouldn’t be too difficult considering I am in a photography class and there are a ton of talented students!
The best way to keep up with me is probably Instagram.
See those pretty photos over in the side where is says “Instagram feed” —> ? Click that and it *should* bring you to my instagram account!
Here’s what’s been on my feed lately.
A bit of

apparel construction homework.  This is my skirt pattern I drafted.  Apparel construction is easily my favorite class.

I visited Target HQ in Minneapolis on a school trip and was able to meet all the designers! It was so incredible seeing how much work went into one single piece of clothing featured at Target!
I took this picture the day Doctor Who premiered.  Sadly BBC America isn’t included in our cable package at Uni… I’m so sad.  So I’m going to have to do major catch up when I go home over Thanksgiving! Doctor Who marathon anyone?  Meredith might come visit over the American Thanksgiving so it would be a perfect time.
Miss you all,
Check back for a new post and some exciting news soon!

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