Wait… I Look Like a Fashion Blogger?

Hey friends!

Whenever I am deciding on what to wear for a blog post I feel like I need to come up with an incredible outfit with lots of different elements to blog about. 

So when my friend Breanna said
 to me when I was wearing this outfit “Man you look like such a fashion blogger today…” I was totally caught off guard. 

“What? I look like a fashion blogger? All I’m wearing is a simple white shirt and jeans…”


I guess what took this “simple outfit” is the small details.

Instead of tucking in the whole shirt or leaving it untucked I only tucked the front.

I added a vintage leather belt.

Instead of plain flats I wore my new Leopard Print Loafers. (Thanks Mom! It was a lovely surprise in the mail!)

So apparently you don’t need super fancy outfits to blog about.

I can live with this.


Shirt – CAbi

Jeans – CAbi

Belt – Vintage – Lily Vintage

Shoes – INC – Macy’s
Watch – DKNY – Younker’s


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