Frying Pans… Who Knew?

Happy Halloween my friends!
Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays.  Second only to Christmas.  (The movies, music and mint flavored everything tops it) 
I have wanted to dress up as Rapunzel for the longest time, but since I was in England last year I wasn’t able to create my costume. 
This year Cristian was forced to so graciously agreed to be Flynn with me.  
Here are a few photos of us at the Mall of America, I wanted to stop and get a stuffed Pascal at the Disney store and we ended up wandering around longer than expected which was so much fun.
Without further ado, here are the costumes I made!
We were stopped by over a dozen people who wanted to

take photos with us, It made me so happy to think that all the hard work on the costumes I made us paid off.  Cristian… *cough* Flynn… Looked so much like himself. He even carried around his satchel and a frying pan attached to a belt. 

So many little girls were excited to see Princess Rapunzel and of course I was excited to see all the little princesses too.  My favorite interaction of the night was when I saw an adorable little girl dressed like Tinkerbell.  She waved so I said “Hello there Tinkerbell! How are things going in Pixie Hollow? I love your shoes, they are so sparkly!”
Her mother explained to us that she would reply if she could but she didn’t speak any English since she only spoke Russian.
Flynn, being fluent in Romanian and knowing a bit of Russian was able to say hello to her in Russian and she was ecstatic.  She ran and hugged her mother then ran over to Flynn for a photo.  Her mother was so happy, it reminded me of the scene from Miracle on 34th Street when Santa started speaking to the little kid.  
I even ran into myself! This gal worked at Build-a-Bear Workshop and was so happy to see another Rapunzel roaming around.
Flynn and I decided to swing by my friend Bre’s house to say hello.  It was soooo good to see my dear friend *cough* loyal subject.
I think over Thanksgiving break Flynn and I will be visiting the local hospital to say hello to all our friends, maybe even Queen Elsa will join us? Who knows!
What were you for Halloween?
Maddie… Rapunzel
Dress – Handmade by me
Wig – Cosplay Website
Flowers Clips – Handmade by me
Shoes – Payless
Pascal – Disney Store

Flynn Rider:
Vest – Handmade by me
Shirt – Sonoma
Khakis – J Crew
Boots – Hand dyed by me
Facial hair – His own 😉
Satchel – (my purse, Fossil)
Frying Pan – Goodwill 


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