End of Winter Wishlist

Hey friends,
Am I getting a little too ahead of the game when I say “End of Winter?” 
Granted Winter here in Wisconsin lasts until basically my birthday, which is in May… So perhaps I am. 
Either way, it’s still cold, but warming the tiniest bit.  Here are things that I would LOVE to bundle up in currently, or use in the next few months.  *cough* Cristian, Valentine’s Day is coming up… *cough*
#1 Fashionary Croquis Sketch Book in RED!
This semester I began my pattern-making class, and we will be making patterns for outfits designed 100% by us.  No more commercial patterns! Yay! The problem is,
I’m not a talented artist when it comes to properly drawing the human figure.  My quick sketches end up looking more like ET than resembling a fashion forward person.  This sketch book includes 400 croquis to sketch on and a quick fashion “dictionary” just in case you need something to reference!
#2 Margot Pinstud Boots – Topshop
If you were to take a peek inside my closet you would realize something really quickly.  I love black leather boots.  A lot.  When I stumbled upon these while I was ignoring my homework on the Topshop website I instantly fell in love.  They’re so sassy. It says to order one size up, so if someone is reading this… I’d be a size 7.5.
#3) Beguiled Lipstick – Topshop
I have been on the lookout for the perfect Oxblood/Deep Berry/Merlot color lipstick for a few months.  I ordered one through Mary Kay, but it was more of a reddish, frosted lipstick that reminded me of the 90’s and not in a good “overalls and denim on denim are back” sort of way.  I’ve been dying to try this shade, and with Valentine’s just around the corner there’s no better time to try it out!
#4) Neon Light Fashionary Sketchbooks 
I know, I know you get it… I’m a fashion student.  These little sketch books are pocket size and OH SO CUTE! I’m 100% obsessed with the holographic cover.  Plus I could slip this into my purse and whenever inspiration strikes me, I can quickly sketch to my hearts content.
#5) Hologram Leather Skirt – American Apparel
While we’re on the topic of holographic things… How about this AMAZING skirt from American Apparel? Granted I don’t go anywhere that would grant me a ton of use from this skirt… But I would look INCREDIBLE when I sit and watch my Law & Order SVU marathons. I really need it.
#6) Two-Tone Metallic Shirt – Topshop
Can you tell I am obsessed with shiny things lately? This blouse from Topshop is no exception.  Ever since I’ve returned home from England I have fallen in love with all things Topshop.  Plus… Nordstrom’s now sells Topshop. My bank account hasn’t been the same since. 
#7) A Sorority Tank


And so it begins.  I joined a sorority on campus here at UW-Stout and although this isn’t my sorority, I would LOVE one of these with Sigma Sigma Sigma on it.  How cute would I look? Supes cute.

#8) Eaves Dress – Anthro


I was peeking at Anthropologie’s sale items and came across this dress.  I love it.  How pretty would this be on Valentine’s day? I think it’s gorgeous but so simple. If you take a closer look on their website the details are lovely.

#9) Aberdeen Velvet Pants – Anthro


Once again I found these on the Anthro sale page.  These look incredibly comfy, and lets be honest… More than likely I’ll be wearing these on Valentine’s Day… As I sit in my dorm watching more Law & Order.

#10) Cedar Street Lacey Wallet – Kate Spade


I’ve had the same wallet from Target for the past 3 years. Now that I’m almost 21, I think it’s time that I upgrade to a big girl wallet.  I love this sleek Kate Spade wallet, and the simplicity of the black color.  (Although the pink is really nice too 🙂

#11) Stationery from Rifle Paper Co.


I recently discovered Rifle Paper Co, and have been obsessed with ALL of their prints.  Look at how cute this stationery is?  I would love to write sweet notes on these and send them to all my friends from Capernwray.

#12) Chain Bracelet Chronograph Watch – Michael Kors


My mother has to be the most difficult person to buy for, especially around Christmas.  I kinda saved my dad when he needed ideas for her, because I found this.  My mom loved it and I loved it too.  Isn’t it beautiful?

#13) Climbing Harness – REI


I recently (as in last night) purchased a rock climbing membership at my school’s rock climbing wall.  I decided I needed some sort of exercise this year.  I love Rock Climbing because it doesn’t seem like exercise to me, just fun.  I would love have my own harness because I wouldn’t have to wear the uncomfortable ones they rent in the gym.

#14) Evolv Rockstar Climbing Shoes


I would also love a pair of my own climbing shoes… Preferably before a new harness actually.  Bowling shoes are bad enough, but climbing shoes are kind gross.  How cute are these? They not only have good ratings, but they’re pink.  🙂

Thus concludes my wishlist.  *cough* If you have any questions about size let me know *cough*

Valentine’s Day is coming up, what’s on your wishlist from your sweetheart?



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