Dungarees Are Actually Overalls

Hey friends!
I wanted to share these gorgeous photos my dear friend (and future roommate) Hannah took for me the other day! There’s a place called “Devil’s Punch Bowl” really close to my campus and it’s absolutely gorgeous in the winter.  With it *hopefully* thawing out next week we wanted to explore it before everything melted.

So let’s talk about Overalls.  I have been wanting a pair since my best friend Breanna had her senior pictures taken in them. (Hey Bre, you’re super cool, thanks for being my inspiration)

And although I’m taking off my jacket… I will have to put more detailed photos of it sometime.  It’s really fuzzy and warm, and I have been wearing it more than my ski-jacket. I found it on the clearance rack right before I checked out at Macy’s and knew I had to have it. 
Let’s take a moment to talk about my new lipstick color though.  It isn’t the color I mentioned here, it’s MAKE UP FOREVER that I purchased at Sephora a few weeks ago. I’m obsessed with it and it smells really good.  Sadly it makes it a bit more difficult to give Cristian a kiss, apparently Merlot isn’t one of his colors.
Side note… Don’t attempt to walk on sheer ice and packed down snow with boots that have no treads whatsoever.  Hannah and I kept slipping the entire shoot so there were lots of hilarious outtakes.  I might post them on Facebook.
Cristian called this my Pippi Longstocking look. I think he’s just jealous that I can braid my hair and he’s still working on his man-bun.
These shoes = fierce.
Fierce = no grip.
Let’s talk the outfit though…
These overalls = Perfection.  As you can see from the full-body photos they’re more of a skinny jean cut which means it’s an updated and modern take on the overall trend.  No Old Mac Donald for me.
Madewell made me happy.
These glove.  They were on sale at Forever 21… I was supposed to be shopping for my future little next fall *crosses fingers* but I came across the driving gloves and knew I had to have them. I’ve wanted a pair of leather ones for a few years now, but always forget to put them on my Christmas list… And with the way I constantly lose mittens I suppose it’s for the better.
I love this sweater too, I needed a new cream sweater since my fisherman-knit sweater since my other one is a bit heavy and scratchy I fell in love with this one while at Madewell right after I fell in love with the overalls… Oops.  Guess who won’t be shopping for a while? Isn’t the knit absolutely gorgeous?
Of course there’s also the fantastic hat too. Yes I still have it. I love it.
I may have belted out Let It Go a few times during the photo shoot.  Doesn’t this area just seem incredibly magical?
Are you excited for Spring Break? I know I am 🙂 I’m really looking forward to having a week off to relax and do some sewing for the upcoming fashion show.  I’m also planning on doing a lot of crafting for my little. Next fall can’t come soon enough.
I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your Spring Break plans are!
Thank you Hannah for the photos! You should all check out her super cute blog 🙂
Overalls – Madewell
Sweater – Madewell
Hat – H&M
Boots – Steve Madden
Gloves – Forever 21
Coat – Rachel Roy – Macy’s


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  1. March 11, 2015 / 7:20 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE it! 🙂 You look stunning girl! xx

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