It’s The Little Things

Hey there friends!
Both formal and informal recruitment around the US is over and it’s time for something BIG.
Although I won’t get a little until next semester, I’m already planning on spoiling her SO much.
Seriously… Future little, if you’re reading this, get excited.  So much candy, lots of glitter and tons of fun gifts are coming your way. (Did I already start crafting…? Perhaps…)
I thought I would share the top 10 gifts ideas for your precious, perfect little. These will be different from your typical painted canvases that often fill baskets during Big/Little week.
$=1-10    $$-11-30    $$$ – 31-75
1. Spirit Jersey – $$$
Yes this is expensive, but I can promise with my entire heart your little will love you forever.  This is the perfect thing to wear to a casual sisterhood, or a day that she doesn’t feel like getting dressed up for class… Plus how stinking cute will you both look when you go on Spring Break and take the mandatory “Throw What You Know” photos on the beach? 

2. Lilly Pulitzer Planner – $$
Your little is going to need a place to put all those
important dates! Date Party, Formal, Sisterhoods, Initiation, Philanthropy Fundraisers, Chapter Meetings and Study Hours just to name a few!  I’ve now had two Lilly planners and they are the best planners I’ve ever used.  So many places to tuck notes, to put important dates, PLUS there are super adorable stickers! 🙂
3. Candy – $
I have a HUGE sweet tooth and I desperately hope my future Little has one too.  Although I’m down for any kind of snacking.  It’s a great basket filler, and every time she grabs a gummy bear she’ll be wondering who her big is.  My big spoils me still with my favorite sweets. – Love you Big!
4. Glittered Water Bottle – $$
It took forever for me to find these glittered water bottles.  The person who originally made them on Etsy doesn’t anymore so I had to hunt another gal down. Aren’t these SO cute? This will come in handy during Greek Week so she can stay hydrated in-between different competitions.  Basically your sorority will probably win if she’s armed with this 😉

buy it here.

5. Monogrammed/Letter Rain Jacket – $$$
Lilly makes EVERYTHING better doesn’t it?  Again this is a higher-ticket item, so it could be saved for a big event/gift… Perhaps initiation? This is the perfect thing for those drizzle-filled Spring days when she still wants to represent your chapter.

buy it here

6. Stationery
I have a lot of stationery & I’ve used it to write sweet notes and thank yous to my sisters.  Your little will find out quickly how willing everyone in the sorority is to help her out if she’s in need, and it’s always nice to write them a Thank You note! – $

buy it here

7.  Baseball Hat
With lots of 8 am classes the first few years of college… Silly Gen Ed’s… Chances are if you’re like me you don’t want to get up almost an hour early to shower and do your hair.  Simple solution! Throw on a baseball cap!  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve thrown on a my baseball cap because I would rather get valuable sleep than have to blow dry my hair. – $$

buy it here

8. Mug & Tea/Coffee
I seriously LOVE mugs.  In my house the cupboard that hold all our mugs overflows, and I can already see myself having that same problem once I have my own house.  Every morning your little should be sipping her favorite new tea in a mug sporting your letters! Fill a basket with a few cute mugs, tea, coffee, sugar, honey… How adorable would that be? I certainly hope my future little loves tea just as much as I do! – $$

buy it here.

9. Phone Case
Who doesn’t love some cute phone bling? There are SO many options on Amazon, Etsy, through Kate Spade or Lilly Pulitzer… I’m pretty sure your little needs all of them. – $-$$$

buy this option here.

10. Blanket
You know those nights where it’s just a bit chilly in the fall but the BIG game is that night?  Well your little won’t have to worry if she has an adorable monogrammed or letter blanket! It will be perfect for snuggling with sisters in the stadium as you cheer your team to victory! Then later when you two are having a family movie night you and your little can sip tea out of the mugs and enjoy Mean Girls for the 20th time. – $$

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Well that rounds up the list! What do you think? Are any of these items going to make it into your little’s baskets?

Leave a comment and tell me other ideas for Big/Little gifts!



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