How To Become A Fashion Blogger in 5723565364916 Easy Steps

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Hello friends and readers. Today I have something a little different I will be sharing with you. In class we were given the task of creating a “list” of sorts of how to follow all the rhetorical and stylistic rules of your future profession. My goal is to make blogging my profession, but there’s a small problem. There aren’t exactly “rules” you need to follow to be a professional blogger.
(Yes. I just used a Pirates of the Caribbean gif in a homework assignment.)
Since there aren’t “rules” I thought I would make some.
(You don’t actually have to follow any of my advice, think of it as trail mix and you pick out only what you actually want, which in my case is only the m&ms)

#1) What’s in a name?
                Start your fabulous journey into the realm of fashion blogging with the most difficult task of all, picking a name. Whenever I start a new blog (usually for school purposes), I spend the most time thinking about the name I will use. The name is the first thing readers read and see on your blog, if it’s something catchy chances are they will remember it better than “Madeline Weinstein’s daily posts about fashion and stuff”

#2) A picture is worth a thousand words.
                If you’re a fashion blogger, people are usually coming to your blog to see… well… fashion… They can’t do that if you have really horrible photos or yourself or your outfits featured. This is tough, it’s difficult to find photographers who are willing to work for a reasonable price, and it’s even more difficult to teach your boyfriend how to use your fancy camera. (Sorry Cristian, you still have a lot to work on.) When I started out, I had gross blurry photos that I used too many filters from Picnic on, taken with a self-timer and balanced precariously on a piece of furniture. Now, if I don’t have someone taking the photos for me, I will set up my fancy Nikon on my not so fancy tripod from the 80’s that was discovered in my junk filled basement, plug in my shutter remote, pretend I have someone I’m smiling at, awkwardly pose and try to hide the remote in my hand, and shoot away.

#3) Words are worth a lot, even if talk is cheap.
                Figure out who your audience is, and write like you were talking to them as if they were your friend.  Is you fashion blog featuring 1940’s dresses you made yourself and vintage cardigans you thrifted? I bet you won’t have the same readers that someone who only keeps up with London Street Style does. That’s not a bad thing! You just need to learn to develop your style and present it to your audience! Your writing style will develop the more you write, and the more you write the better you will become at tailoring it towards your intended readers.


#4) It ain’t about the money, money, money…
                First and foremost… Be yourself. No one wants to read a blog that is an exact copy of every other fashion blogger out there. You aren’t Tavi Gevinson or Chiara Ferragni, chances are you won’t end up front row at any NYFW shows, become a blog based designer or even star in an ad campaign. I’m not saying you can’t make this happen, but there are millions of fashion blogs online, name 20. (Can you?) Don’t become a fashion blogger because of the free stuff. I’ve been a fashion blogger for many years and trust me, there isn’t a lot of free stuff. Write a fashion blog because you love it and you’re passionate about it!

#5) Make it pretty, make it count!
                This sounds like something you would hear in Mean Girls or one of those type of movies. (Which I’m not bashing, they’re pretty much my favorite!) The aesthetic of your blog will be a HUGE tool in how you connect with your readers. If you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to change your layout every other day. You most likely don’t have hundreds of readers who will notice/mind that early on in your blogging career. Find something you like! If I could show you what my original blog looked like I would be embarrassed… Pink glitter background with a gold glitter header made on picmonkey… Yikes. Slowly but surely I edited here and there, eventually went to an all black and white theme, and finally caved and purchased a pre-made template. You don’t have to spend oodles on a new layout for your blog. I originally was looking at ones that cost $150 or more, but the one I decided upon only was $15 and guess what? I love it.

#6) Don’t be basic.
                Again with the Mean Girls… Show your readers content that is new and fresh. Don’t show them how you wore your skinny jeans with a shirt and a scarf. (Something I was guilty of until I actually started developing my style) Feature outfits that are different from the rest. 

#7) Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself!
If you don’t tell friends and family about your new venture you will have a very difficult time getting your blog off the ground! My friends and family are my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to Sequin & Chic. Make friends within the blogger-sphere too, comment on other blogs, reach out and ask for guest posts, feature products for brands. A lot of bloggers don’t mind giving others a shout out to spread the “reader love!”
#8) Shake it off.
There will be tough times when you’re blogging. Mean comments, lack of comments, no inspiration, photos won’t turn out how you wished, promotions fall through, people don’t share your posts… Honestly the list goes on and on. BUT! If you are truly starting a fashion blog because you love it, then make sure you take the wise words of Taylor Swift to heart and “SHAKE IT OFF!” 
I hope you enjoyed my wisdom about blogging. I’m including all my links below with my citations so that any of my regular reads can find the articles that I used for inspiration.
Comment below with your new URL if you decide to start a blog because I would LOVE to read it and leave some comments!
Have a lovely weekend!


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