San Diego Flatlay

Hello friends, 
I cannot wait to share my latest flatlay from my trip to San Diego with you all!
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After I was finished working behind the scenes at the cabi fashion show, I had a day to do some shopping damage and I think I did pretty well. 
Starting from the top left:

1. Black plaid blouse – Topshop – I fell in love the instant I saw this black plaid blouse from Topshop. It has light pink and some greyish blue mixed in. It’s gorgeous! It’s long enough that I can wear with leggings, or in the summer I can belt it and wear it as a dress. It’s super lightweight so it tucks into jeans really well. I’m even planning on wearing it at Cristian’s 21st birthday!
2. Maroon and navy plaid button down – Dolcetti Boutique – This boutique is in my top 3 places to visit while I’m in San Diego. It has an adorable salon upstairs, and they also stock Rifle Paper Company products. (aka, my favorite greeting cards) I only have one plaid button down so I knew I needed another, plus they match my maroon jeans perfectly!
3. Green tribal dress – Topshop – I’ve been trying to branch out from my typical style a little bit, and when I saw this dress I knew it would be a perfect piece to help me do that. It’s a really cute shift dress with spaghetti straps. I’m looking forward to wearing it this summer. It would be perfect to wear to a concert, or to run downtown and grab lattes with my friends. I cannot wait to show it to you later this year!
4. Maroon tweed pants – Zara kids – I went into Zara and was immediately overwhelmed. There were SO many options and it was their semi-annual sale. So many people, so many racks of clothing, so many signs. I wandered into the children’s section to see if I could find anything for my niece or for Cristian’s little sisters. Instead I found these amazing gauchos. Yes. Gauchos. I found them in a 13-14 kids, and decided to try them on. They fit, and immediately were put in my “MUST BUY THESE” pile.
5. Black moto jeans – Zara Kids – I’ve been wanting a pair of moto jeans for the longest time. Again, I found these in the kids section and thought I would give them a shot as well. They fit, and just like the gauchos went into the pile. Being 5 feet tall has it’s advantages sometime!
6. Navy checkered plaid dress – Eden Boutique – This is the other favorite boutique in San Diego. They have some of the cutest “surfer girl” styles that I wish I could pull off. (One can’t really wear surfer styles in Wisconsin when it’s 2 degrees out.) BUT, they had this amazing dress that looked exactly like one I’ve had my eye on from Anthropologie. It looks lovely belted or undone, and I cannot wait for Spring Break to wear it around Florida! (p.s. If you’re curious what my 3rd favorite place in San Diego is, it’s a restaurant that has the world’s best French Toast, check out my Instagram for a picture of it. Delish.) 
7. Sunnies – Urban Outfitters – I accidentally left my sunglasses in the Nordstrom Bridal Suite while in Chicago. No worries right…? Because I have millions of pairs of sunglasses, so it shouldn’t be an issue… Well, wrong. One pair I left in Cristian’s car, and he was in Madison, and the pair I packed for my San Diego trip broke. Southern California is rather sunny, so a pair of sunnies is necessary. 
8. Striped belt – Eden Boutique – While trying to style the blue checkered dress above, I tried on this striped belt. It looks like a Kate Spade belt, and I adore it. I rarely purchase accessories because I usually only purchase clothing… It’s a good thing my sister sells jewelry otherwise I would never wear it! 
9. Dog notecards – Papyrus – I love giving people gifts, and when I saw these cards I knew I had to get them for my sister in Texas. We both love dogs, and since these cards have dogs on them… They’re perfect. Also, she loved them. Hooray.
10. Angels on bare skin – Lush – I love LUSH. I cannot pass the store without wandering in and getting a new beauty product. My skin has been really dry with spending time out in Colorado and with the weather in Wisconsin being so cold. I asked what would be a good product to help slough off dry skin as well as moisturize, the person assisting me suggested this! It has lavender oil as well as crushed almond… Ugh. It smells so delicious. Just go try it, you really should. 
11. Shine so bright – Lush – I’ve never been good at hair. Styling it, braiding it, just doing anything with it. The hair products at Lush have been my first step into trying to master the art of my hair. (There is no art… It’s usually just brushed…) 
Hope you enjoyed seeing my San Diego purchases! I’m looking forward to featuring the items in upcoming posts. 

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