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If you have been paying attention to Instagram lately, you may notice some of your favorite fashion bloggers have links in their outfit photos that say “like to know it” in their captions.
This means if you sign up for the website, you will receive an email every time you like a photo on Insta with the link with the outfit details.
The idea is a great one, however sometimes I like the photos simply because it’s a great photo, not because I want to get all the details sent to my inbox. Suddenly my inbox is overflowing with emails with outfits that I *big surprise* cannot afford, and I get really sad because I’m a college student and cannot purchase said cute outfit. PLUS, I wasn’t even interested in the outfit in the first place… (But now I am, because we always want what we can’t have…)

Well, it’s time to meet the older, cooler sister… Spot This. <—– Click here!
It’s a website that lets YOU upload the photos of the outfits YOU like, YOU get to set the price range for the outfit, and YOU don’t get a bunch of obnoxious emails with outfits you happened to double tap in your Insta feed. Boom. I’m sold. 
Spot This magically tracks down the item or similar items for you, sends you one simple email when it’s all finished, and you can purchase whatever one is in your price range and suits your fancy when the time comes. It’s like your very own personal shopper!

The idea was born back in October of 2015, and it is based out of the University of Maryland. The beta launch was this past February, and there are over 300 satisfied users so far. The website uses a complicated computer algorithm to find the best matches for those who are searching for garments through their site. Because of this, you are given more options of garments that you may want to purchase!

So, what do you say? Want to give it a try?
Head over to their website –CLICK HERE– and upload a few pictures that you may have come across on Pinterest, or a snapshot of some great street style you’ve noticed! Then you can wait *rather impatiently on my part* for the email to arrive in your inbox!

Hope all of you LOVE the website and get a chance to try it out!




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