Engagement Shoot Part One!

Hi friends!

Okay I’ve waited far too long to post these and it’s only fair that I finally share them with you! Part one of our engagement photos!

You’ve heard me say it before and I will say it until my last day on earth, Alyssa Lentz is the most amazing photographer in the world. I feel so incredibly blessed that Cristian and I get to have our big day documented by such a talented person next June.

I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted to wear in our engagement photos. We originally got engaged it was November and absolutely freezing so I was adamant about wanting some warm weather photos of us.

I was in Minneapolis with my mom the week before our photos and we were in our natural habitat wandering around Nordstrom. I came across this skirt in the Topshop section on the “LAST ONE LEFT” rack and instantly knew I had to try it on. Who doesn’t need a bright orange skirt? So 60’s/70’s. So mod. So lovely.

Next task was finding a top to compliment it. I wound up making my way into Madewell because I saw a shirt that I simply HAD TO HAVE. It says Ciao on it. It really doesn’t get any better.

I also found the lovely polka-dot dress from Banana Republic that day, but I was definitely more excited about the other outfit.

Flash forward to Engagement Photo Day… My mom had suggested I set up an appointment at our local department store makeup counter. I went in with a good attitude, showed photos of what I wanted, and waited. One thing I requested was that I wanted perfect brows… She forgot to do that and I had to remind her. Once I finally say the finished product I was shocked. No slight smoky eye, more eye shadow under my eyes than on my eyelids, no eyeliner, none… And my brows were so uneven it looked like I had one brow up as if I was questioning something. It was bad. I cried, which right before engagement photos isn’t a good thing.

Half my hair was curled, my makeup was terrible, and our location was an hour away and I only had 5 minutes to finish my hair. Luckily I was able to have Cristian drive. I finished my hair before we left and grabbed every piece of makeup I owned and set to work on my face.

We made it to the beach in time to meet the oh so talented Alyssa Lentz and once we arrived all of the stress was left behind. She was so friendly, Cristian and I had so much fun, it was just amazing.

Plus, I got to kiss Cristian a ton, nothing can beat that.

You guys, look at all of these photos. Aren’t they the most beautiful things you have ever seen?! I’m actually counting the days until June just so I can work with Alyssa again. Maybe I’ll just have to have her come to Menomonie to shoot some outfits with me for the blog.

Okay, that’s all for part one!

Can’t wait to read your comments! Tell me your favorite picture!






  1. Maddy Vasseau
    October 27, 2016 / 2:48 am

    Maddie! This is awesome! Congrats to both you and Christian. Love the photos, love the blog.

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