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Hello friends,

It’s been far too long and I apologize. Since you’ve last seen me I’ve celebrated Christmas with my family, New Years, quit a job, started my last semester of school, taken midterms, sent out Save the Dates, done TONS of wedding DIY’s, written a dozen or so papers, avoided Instagram because #noinspiration, watched all of Blacklist on Netflix, struggled with WordPress (sorry WordPress I hate you, Blogger is just more natural to me), been to London and back, booked our honeymoon, avoided cleaning my room, booked another trip to London for October, booked an Airbnb… As you can see I do have reasons. They might not all be good reasons but I do have them.

As I mentioned I have been struggling with WordPress, including being locked out of my account and having difficulty publishing, but that’s a story for another post. Instead I have a post that has been sitting here for a few months, I’ve been dying to publish it but I was experiencing too much difficulty with WP, but I’m so so excited to finally share it with you!

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I was sent this pair of earrings over Christmas break to review. Aren’t they absolutely beautiful? I’m not usually one to wear silver, but the way the blue Larimar gemstone compliments it is absolutely stunning. Larimar is a rare gemstone that’s only found in the Dominican Republic which makes the pieces from Dear Isabella even more special. 

I only ever wear stud earrings, so these are a great addition to my collection, plus they’re helping me branch out from my usual all gold jewelry collection.

Dear Isabella makes all sorts of gorgeous jewelry, I currently have my eye on this beautiful Moon Necklace, I love that it includes that adorable little star charm in the chain, it’s so dainty and feminine.

But let’s be honest, everything Dear Isabella makes is absolutely stunning!

Make sure you head over to the website to grab a pair of these earrings or to take a peek at all the pretty jewelry!

I love my earrings and I am positive if you order a pair you will as well!




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  1. Denise Espinosa Photography
    April 5, 2017 / 3:35 pm

    These are so lovely.

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