A New Venture – Starting My Own Business

Hello there gorgeous. (Or handsome)

Yes you read that correctly – I’m starting my own business.
(And I have no idea where to begin so I’ll need a little grace.)

I wanted to write a post to give you a little life update since I’ve been incognito.

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You might have been wondering where I’ve been. There’s been radio silence on the blog for a few months (minus this amazing post talking about some kick-butt earrings).

It’s been a struggle with writing this blog, mainly because I have so few people I can reach out to for photography and it’s near impossible to run a fashion blog without it. Also, when it’s -20 degrees out the last thing I want to do is toss on a cute outfit… Pajamas and my electric blanket are where it’s at.

But there’s this whole writing thing…

I never thought of myself as a writer, never imagined myself majoring in communications with a concentration in journalism, yet here I am.

Probably should have seen it coming with all those ridiculous spy stories I wrote when I was in middle school and the fact that I’ve been blogging for almost seven years now.

I’m days from graduation – May 6th, my birthday and the day that I get my diploma! – And I’ve found myself applying for jobs and positions that don’t actually require a lot of writing… Which makes me sad… It’s something I’ve grown to love and I know I want to continue doing, but not just “doing”, I want to work at it, shape my craft, and improve by leaps and bounds!

Which is why I’m so incredibly excited to announce that I am now offering my writing skills to you!

I’ve noticed a gap in the market, there are a lot of photographers or other creatives who want to blog and actually have content to write about (unlike me lately), but their skills don’t always include the ability to pump out a blog post for their readers and their site. Plus they don’t have that fancy Bachelor of Science degree stating they are indeed a “Professional Communicator”, and I do… Thus I’m clearly more qualified. (Complete sarcasm if you couldn’t pick up on it… I’m barely qualified to tie my shoes.)


Are you a fed up creator/photographer/non-degree-holding-professional-communicator?

Well click that little “HIRE” tab at the top of the page to find out more!

I’m so excited to embark on this new adventure/venture!



p.s. I promise I will scale back my overabundant use of exclamation points if you hire me. My professor taught me you only get 50 exclamation points to use for the rest of your life after you turn 18… He would probably die inside if he saw my blog. Also, according to my SEO plugin I use “passive voice” too much while writing, well whatever. I like it. It’s here to stay.


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