Snapshots – Summer

You might be noticing some changes around here, things are slowly but surely falling into place and I couldn’t be more excited.
This Summer I wanted to rebrand and figure out the future of Sequin & Chic.

A few weeks ago I shared some exciting secrets on my Instagram Story.
If you don’t follow me… You should!
I post there a decent amount and you’ll be the first to know about exciting announcements!

Some things you can look forward to soon include:
More posts here, both fashion & lifestyle
DIY’s – WHAT WHAT!? Yep. Some good ole’ DIY magic for you
YouTube integration – I have been coming up with tons of video ideas and cannot wait to more seamlessly integrate YouTube into my blog.
New layout – I’m roughly 80% there – Tweaking the little things
New Logo – Yep, ya girl hired a professional to create a kick butt logo for the site! And I’ll tell you a secret, it’s amazing.

Until then, I’m including some snapshots of my favorite Summer memories! Some have been shared on Instagram, others haven’t, but they all are incredibly special to me.

My first ring shot – On location in Costa Rica while on our Honeymoon!

The cutest little strawberry you ever did see.

Mixology class coasters – One of my favorite nights of the Honeymoon!

My favorite summer treat – A smoothie or juice from Bona Fide Juicery!

Almost every week you could find Cristian and I wandering the farmer’s market, buying tons of delicious fresh produce.

A last minute trip to a friend’s lake calls for celebratory flowers in your hair right?

The Biltmore Estate

The one and only Sami exploring the Biltmore Green House

I don’t often take selfies, but when I do they’re with friends while on a road trip.

So I for sure purchased some ice cream 5 minutes before this, tasted the ice cream at this shop, promptly threw away my other cone and ordered a new one.

A very Wes Anderson inspired beach.





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